Curtain Alterations

One thing many people may not know about professional alterations businesses is that they work on other fabric items other than clothing. Some of them are experts at curtain alterations which enable people to change the style and size of their current curtains and re-purpose them for another room. Perhaps you’re planning to move into a new house. The curtains you love so much in your current home won’t work in your new home for one reason or another. Instead of giving those curtains to charity, curtain alterations are another option. Begin by measuring the size of your new windows and how far they are from the floor. Will your current curtains be too long and need to be shortened or are they too wide and need to be made into thinner panels so they’re not so full? By knowing the size of the window they’re intended to cover, a professional will be able to take those measurements and through curtain alterations, make curtains to fit your new home. Determine how far the track or pole needs to be and then take the measurement from the pole. This will give you the proper length measurement for your new windows. Of course, some curtains are made to blouson out on the floor to create a puddle of fabric, but that look might not be appropriate for your décor. Curtain alterations can be made at the heading or at the seam depending upon how they’re made. If they have a triple pleat the heading can’t be altered without making major changes. However, the professional seamstress will be able to determine the best look and create it using the curtains you already own. Some curtains can be made into smaller panels. They may have previously covered a large picture window which required them to be full. Your new home may not have a picture window at all. This doesn’t mean you can’t use these curtains. Have the curtain alterations made to split one large panel into two or more smaller panels. Where you previously had one pair of curtains you loved, you may end up with four or more pairs depending on how wide the original curtains were. Consider the cost of purchasing new curtains and draperies and compare that cost with having curtain alterations made. When you realize you’re new windows are a different size and possibly shape, your initial response may be to purchase new but there may be another option. If you truly love your old curtains, think about having them altered. It can save you a good deal of money by not having to purchase new draperies and allowing you to keep your decor more to your liking.

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