Maternity Waist Bands

You’ve recently received the joyous news that you’re expecting. There’s so much to think about about how your body will be changing in the coming months. Obviously you’ll need to prepare for an expanding belly. This means you’ll want to consider maternity waist bands and how your clothing needs will change with the size of your baby. When it comes to fashion for maternity wear, there are five basic styles of waist bands. Flat front with no panel or gathering. It sits above the belly and will stretch to meet your belly’s needs. Under belly will fit similar to hip huggers of the 70s. The waistband is under your belly and will give some support to your stomach and lower back. Adjustable waist bands generally have buttons and buttonholes to expand with the need of your tummy. The fit of the rest of the garment shouldn’t change over the course of your pregnancy. Rollover waist bands have soft elastic panels which can be worn above, on, or below the belly. Wear it in a way it is most comfortable for you. Drawstring waist bands can be worn tied tightly or loosely depending upon your need and comfort level. When you’re newly pregnant and just beginning to show, you try to use your normal clothes as long as possible. They may begin getting snug but you’re not just ready to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes. One option is to use a band of cloth that goes over your clothes to help hold them up. Most maternity waist bands of this nature are made of seamless knit which is worn over the waist band of un-buttoned, pre-pregnancy pants or skirts. They can also be worn over maternity clothes that you haven’t grown into yet, or over styles which may ride too low around your hips. The bands help hold your pants and skirts up without adding unnecessary bulk. Depending upon the tops you choose to wear, no one has to know you’re wearing a maternity waist band over your unbuttoned pants or skirts. It can also be worn to give a layered look which is so popular these days. They are versatile and can be made in a variety of colors to match your own style and clothing. Another benefit to using a maternity waist band similar to that described above is that they are made with Lycra or another stretchy fabric which means they help support your stomach and lower back. They work with a myriad of maternity styles to conceal un-buttoned pants and excess fabric from elastic waist bands. If you’re lucky, you can find maternity clothing which is both fun and fashionable. Get some non-maternity clothes that you love and have them altered to be made into maternity clothes. A professional alterations business can make changes based on the maternity waist band styles and create clothing you’ll be glad to be seen in.

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