It’s not unusual for you to find a pair of jeans, pants, or even skirts that fit everywhere except they are the wrong length. While they may only be an inch or two longer than you’d like them to be, they’re still too long. You don’t want to simply roll them up. What are your alternatives? Depending upon the style of the jeans, pants, or skirt you might not want to try hemming them yourself. You can take them to a specialist in the alteration business to do the work for you. With a little legwork you can find an affordable seamstress with results that are more what you’re looking for. When you take your clothes to an alterations business for hemming, they’ll ask you to launder them before you bring them in. Then they’ll ask to take your measurements – at a minimum they’ll need to know the length of your leg from the waist to the ground from the outside and then the measurement of your inseam for jeans or pants. Skirts will require similar measurements but those will depend upon what length you want your skirts to be. Before hemming any of the clothes, the seamstress performing the alterations will also ask you to try each item on. The reason they’ll ask you to try the items on is to ensure they’re aware of the length you want the items. Do you want the hem to just break over the top of the foot or do you prefer it to be a little bit longer? Will a skirt length hitting your knee caps suffice or do you want something longer? Perhaps you want a shorter skirt. By having you wear the item while they mark it, they can be sure the finished alteration will meet your approval. original hem Trying the clothes on is also important if the jeans are especially long and will require several inches to be cut from the legs prior to hemming. If you are simply measured and don’t take the time to put the clothes on for the seamstress to see how the clothes fall, you may find they don’t fit just right after they’re hemmed. You’ll also want to find an alterations business to hem your jeans if they have a Euro hem. What is a Euro hem? This is the hem most often used by the manufacturers. Since hemming in this style is not as simple as folding the fabric and sewing it, and you want your jeans to look professional, taking them to an expert is your best bet. Hemming jeans, pants, and skirts can be nerve wracking if you’re not comfortable with sewing. Avoid the stress by taking your clothing to a professional seamstress. When you get your items back you may not be able to tell they were modified.

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