Coats and Jacket Alterations

Most families tend to hand items down from one child to another if they’re still in usable condition. Whether its pants, shirts, dresses, or coats and jackets, alterations can help stretch a family’s clothing budget. It would be great if your children were all the same size at the same age. Unfortunately, that simply doesn’t always happen. One child may have longer arms than the other which means sleeve shortening is in order. Perhaps the coat and jacket alterations you need done are for you or your partner. You’ve lost weight or the weight has shifted. With a little re-modeling, it should be back to like new before you know it. Some coats and jacket alterations include total re-modeling of the garment. A seamstress in an alterations business may take a coat or jacket completely apart if necessary. Of course, they’ll do their best to keep the integrity of the garment intact particularly if it is a vintage piece. Maybe the outer layer of the jacket or coat is in fine shape; there are no rips or tears. However, the same doesn’t always hold true for the lining. Some coat and jacket alterations can be accomplished by providing a new lining. This does mean that the coat will have to be partial deconstructed in order to make and sew in a new lining. Once the lining is replaced, the coat or jacket will be serviceable for an additional amount of time. Since styles and fashions change from year to year it’s not usual to find some jackets and coats with shoulder pads in various thicknesses. Why not extend the life of a coat or jacket by having a shoulder pad adjustment made? You can have the shoulder pads removed entirely or replaced with thinner or thicker pads depending upon the current styles. Then again you may have a classic jacket or coat but want to give it an updated look without entirely changing the classic style. Coat and jacket alterations can include shifting the placement of or removing pockets, changing the width of the collar, or adding new elements to it which will make the old appear new again. What you have done to your coat or jacket is entirely up to you, but having a great seamstress and alteration business behind you will make the process easier. When you bring coats and jackets into an alteration business, you can expect the person doing the alteration to ask to measure you. Most likely they’ll also ask you to try the garments on so they can see how they currently fit and where adjustments need to be made. Once they have the garment marked, remodeling can begin. Before long the coat and jacket alterations will be done and it will be ready for wear.

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