Pants, Skirt, Dress Suit Alterations

Let’s face it; many women are born to shop. They may find a great outfit or fabulous dress at an unbelievable price. They decide they must have it only to find it doesn’t come in their size. Rather than pass it up, they buy it and decide to have it altered. Pants, skirts, dress suit alterations are common place. As much as it would be great to purchase a great outfit and have it fit perfectly, unless you’ve had it custom made just for you it probably won’t. Buy a pair of pants to fit your hips and the waist is too big, buy a skirt and it’s too long. When it comes to pants, skirts, and dress suits alterations many people need their clothing altered to fit properly. What do you do if you’ve lost a lot of weight? You don’t want to simply throw away your entire wardrobe. That would be wasteful and expensive. Your shirts and dresses may need to have the shoulder raised to keep you from showing too much cleavage. Perhaps you can take in the pants and skirts to keep them from falling off. Having alterations made is much cheaper than buying everything new. Sometimes styles change enough from year to year to require sleeve shortening or shortening of the hem. If you take your clothing to a qualified professional seamstress you can often get your clothing altered rather than having to replace them. And, if they are conscientious about their work, they’ll keep in mind the possibility of the items needed to be let out or otherwise altered in the future. While it is true you may be able to do some of these alterations on your own, how comfortable are you at sleeve shortening? Will the dress suit look right after you’ve done a shoulder raise on it? Are you comfortable enough in your sewing skills to do the shortening yourself? Good clothing is worth the expense of having it professionally altered. Not only will you extend the life of the clothing, you can be certain of the results. Rather than taking a chance on ruining the clothing and having to throw it out, you will have the confidence of knowing you’ll be able to wear them again when the alterations are finished. Professional seamstresses will ask you to bring the clothing needing the alterations and plan on spending a considerable amount of time trying each item on so it can be fitted properly. This may seem like a waste of time but it is honestly the best way to ensure you get the proper fit with your finished clothing. A professional will be able to examine the clothing to see if shortening, sleeve shortening, shoulder raising or other alterations are possible. They’ll be able to let you know almost immediately how best to make the needed alterations and give you an estimate for the cost. Expect to come back for a final fitting before taking the items home with you. If you think the cost of alterations is too much, you may be able to get the seamstress to come down some but don’t quibble too much. They are providing a great service and their skills are worthy of the amount they charge. The alternative to pants, skirt, and dress suit alterations is to purchase a new wardrobe. When you compare the cost of alterations and a new wardrobe, you’ll realize how valuable their skills truly are.

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